Coldplay 'Hymn For The Weekend' by Ben Mor

Coldplay 'Hymn For The Weekend' by Ben Mor
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Hymn For The Weekend is the second single from Coldplay’s seventh album A Head Full of Dreams, and it has been paired with this stunning video directed by Ben Mor. Beautifully shot in Mumbai, Delhi, and Worli Village by DoP Mattias Rudh, the result is a cinematic vision in vibrant technicolour, with guest appearance from Beyoncé and a cameo from Bollywood superstar Sonam Kapoor.

Showcasing the splendor of India's colour, culture and people, Ben described the landscape as being “naturally psychedelic” and the locations as “patina heaven.” Baroque, visually crowded, busy, kaleidoscopic and inspiring, Ben wanted to add “a dash of surrealism” on top of that.

“Hymn For The Weekend is such an exuberant, life-affirming song and I wanted the visuals to compliment and heighten that tone," he continues. "At the same time, I wanted to spark people’s imaginations and curiosity as they watch just a small fraction of what India has to offer.” 


Ben Mor
Production Company
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Production Company
River Studios
Nina Dluhy-Miller
Executive Producer
Katie Dolan
Director's Representation
Martin Roker at Black Dog Films
Director of Photography
Mattias Rudh
Additional Photography
Maz Makhani
Additional Photography
John Connor
Art Director
Alex Delgado
David Brodie
Clark Muller
Post Producer
Dina Ciccotello
Uzi Mor
Post FX
Yaron Yashinski
Sam Seager

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