Selah Sue 'Fear Nothing' by Isaac Ravishankara

Selah Sue 'Fear Nothing' by Isaac Ravishankara
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Isaac Ravishankara's intimate take on blockbuster subject matter for Selah Sue's Fear Nothing - featuring fellow director Ellis Bahl in an acting role as Selah's partner - reveals its true nature slowly but surely. What appears at first to be a story about troubled relationships is shown to be the emotional fallout of an altogether bigger catastrophe, as meteorites start to fall across the sky, and a very big rock approaches Earth.

Ultimately, in this marvellous video - shot on location at the Stony End Ranch in Three Rivers, CA, with beautiful photography by DoP Sing Howe Yam – it's about dignity and courage in the face of Armageddon itself...



Isaac Ravishankara
Aviv Russ
Executive Producer
Jason Colon
Executive Producer
Danielle Hinde
Production Company
Doomsday EntertainmentDoomsday Entertainment website
Director of Photography
Sing Howe Yam
1st AC
Rachel Fox
2nd AC
Mara Whitehead
Albert Gonzalez
Key Grip
Harry Schroeder
Production designer
Tyler Jensen
Art Director
Ellis Bahl
Hair & Make-up
Ashlynn Melancon
Production Coordinator
Tiffany Marie Soto
Production Assistant
James Ryan
Jamie Foord
Editing company
Rock Paper Scissors
Assistant Editor
Lauren Dellara
Paul Yacono
Because Music
Caroline Clayton
Editorial Executive Producer
Angela Dorian
Flame Artists
Stefan Gaillot, Cole Schreiber, Jesse Monsour, Matt Sousa
Color Producer
Jenny Bright
Smoke Artist
Dan Ellis
Flame Assistant
Kevin Stokes, Gabe Sanchez
Post Producers
Meredith Cherniack, Heather Johann
Head of Production
Kim Christensen
Executive Producer
Patrick Nugent
Frank Antonoff @ Resource
Additional VFX
Isaac Ravishankara
Sanne Putseys, Ellis Bahl, The Pepper Family - Rob, Natally, Elliot, and Henry
Nick Schreiber

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