Kaada and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra 'The Nordic Sound' by Christian Holm-Glad

Kaada and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra 'The Nordic Sound' by Christian Holm-Glad
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Christian Holm-Glad, the Norwegian director who has directed music videos for artists such as Calvin Harris, Kano and Madcon, reunites with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra following his previous MVA-nominated ad Seven Vibes, with this highly amusing clip for The Nordic Sound.

Once again Christian explodes the notion that classical music should be associated with stuffy conservatism. This is a funny, beautifully executed little video - and really quite sexy too –  showing where the SSO find their inspiration.

As with Seven Vibes its organised into a series of vignettes, as it explores the idea of Nordic freedom: freedom to play, freedom to feel, freedom to love (al-fresco-style)...


Christian Holm-GladChristian Holm-Glad website
Production Company
Executive Producer
Magne Lyngner
Production Manager
Julie Simonsen
1st AD
Eivind Landsvik
Director of Photography
Daniel Voldheim
Focus Puller
Kristoffer Aamot
Olav Hadland
Art Director
Jostein Oksavik
Kjersti Andreassen
Pia Ruud
Pia Ruud
Jon Endre Mørk
Daniel de Vue
Grading company
Bacon X
Post production company
Bulldozer Post
Mike Tutty, Emily Brannigan, Christine Frestad, Albin Siggesson, Tuva Hennum, Lene Kokai Flage, Idun Daae Alstad, Anders Bjerke

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