Gilligan Moss 'Choreograph' by Oscar Hudson

Gilligan Moss 'Choreograph' by Oscar Hudson
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Oscar Hudson has created a video for producer Gilligan Moss's distinctively skewed pop ode Choreograph that follows a tried-and-tested theme of exactly matching specific visuals to music elements, but then adds his own clever twist.

Repeated moves by family members around a young man about to tuck into breakfast would obviously be an intensive VFX job in normal circumstances. But closer inspection reveals this scenario was achieved for real, in-camera.

Not surprisingly, this required formidable organisation, including, as Oscar Hudson explains below, finding several sets of twins – and breaking lots of eggs. In the process he's created a sublime but eery vision of chaos - a time loop in which people do the same thing over and over, but continue to age as normal...

Is Oscar trying to tell us something?  



From the director


"This film was massively inspired by Zbigniew Rybszynski’s classic animation ‘Tango’. I took the endless repetition from that film and tried to imagine what would happen if you transplanted those eternal cycles into a world where time still moves on as normal- so eggs accumulate, carpets wear through and people get old.

"On a practical level I wanted to try to achieve the characters repeating cycles in camera and without any compositing in post. So we built a set, hired lots of twins and choreographed all the action very precisely. I always like to do things in camera where possible, I really think it comes through in the final film - you just can’t fake the little imperfections that make something feel real.

"But the other big reason I avoid VFX is that I simply never learnt how to do them! I always want to be able to wrap my head around the mechanics of how we’ll achieve an effect and so these manual, set based tricks always really interest me." 


Oscar Hudson
Aaron Z. Willson
Production Company
Production Manager
Callum Harrison
Director of Photography
Ruben Woodin-Dechamps
Focus Puller
Spike Morris
Leo Olesker
Art Director
Luke Moran-Morris
Giorgia Liorsi
Susan Daniel
Charli Williams
Charli Williams
Oscar Hudson
Daisy Smith
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Connie Meade
Amf Records
Petra Casale
Prod. Assistant
Melissa Giles
Set Dresser
Laura Castellano-Astruc
Set Builder
Dan Munro
Art Dept. Assistant
Alfie Fielding, Charlie Sykes
Art Dept. Runner
Jamie Yuan
Kimi Willson-Brandtner, Almar Khat, Linda Ekman, Claire Lane, Sue Parker-Nutley, Sue Parks, Charlotte Reidie, Francesca Reidie, Jamie Heath, Spencer Heath, Rory Galley, Matt Johnston

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