Alesso 'Sweet Escape' by M-I-E

Alesso 'Sweet Escape' by M-I-E
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In this charming video for Alesso's Sweet Escape directed by M-I-E, everyday traffic sign figures reveal their hidden secret life, coming alive at night when we’re not looking.

It's a simple, sweet love story of two figures (a Red 'Stop' guy and a Green 'Go' girl) during their exciting night out on the town - starting at an underground rave, then stealing into the night to find the best view of the city lights.

Allessandro Lindblad - aka Alesso - and Amy Thomson came up with the story, and the British animation team, following up their recent video for Culture Shock's City Lights, have brought a winning idea very impressively to life, particularly with the sensitively-animated characters that draw the viewer into this delightful little tale. 


Production Company
Good Egg
Executive Producer
John Hassay
Line Producer
Zach Kamen
Amy Thomson
Allessandro Lindblad
Director of Photography
Rob Witt
Dominic Seymour
Editing company
Richard Payne
John L. Wilkinson
3D Animator
Rob Phillips
3D Animator
Bea Ujj
3D Animator
Kevin O'Shea
2D Animation
Thomas Knowler
Yukai Du
Simone Grattarola
Grading company
Time Based Arts
Sound design
Sound Smiths
Artist management
Amy Thomson
Def Jam Records

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