Dukebox feat KT Forresster 'Pressure' and 'The Hive' by Ed Lilly

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Ed Lilly has produced the first promo for Dubstep duo Dukebox, shooting on a micro-budget in the borough of Sutton. Using a council estate as a backdrop, Ed fuses performance, dance and narrative to bring club sounds in to the wider world. It looks great and dancer Jack Saunders is particularly impressive, showing some moves that surely wow dancers and gymnasts alike.

Ed says: "On this one I just wanted to shoot a fun and colourful video with a couple of young actors. We went to a pretty disused council estate and just shot what we could on the little we had. Courtney and Jack were really great and worked well together. The idea with Doctors performance was just to put the camera in front of him and get the energy by having him heading towards us, into the lens. And Jacks dancing impressed us all - he's recently taken part in the Olympic ceremony I believe too."

Watch HERE

Ed says: "Shooting The Hive was just an absolute pleasure. We did an extensive casting process round schools, drama classes and through workshops because it was crucial to get the right relationship for the brothers. The shoot was pretty difficult as it rained constantly for four days in the middle of July - and we were all sleeping in tents in the field! But everyone dug in and got on with it. It's been fantastic to see the amazing response to the film and it's hopefully not the last film we'll all work on together."


Ed Lilly
John Weaver/Calam Williamson/Jason Furnival
Lauren Tomlinson
Andrew Walker
Focus Puller
Shaun Lomax
1st AD
Ivano Knight
David Dubois
Adrian Peckitt
Executive Producer
Will Massa/K

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