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MusicVidFest 2016 - inspirational, uplifting, and a welcome distraction...

MusicVidfest 2016 took place yesterday (November 9th) at the BFI Southbank, where proceedings began with Ninian Doff giving a whirlwind tour of his directing career thus far, Barnaby Laws of WPA gave a thought-provoking keynote address, and directors Dom & Nic and The Mill's Neil Davies revealed the innovation and ingenuity behind their award-winning video for Chemical Brothers' Wide Open.

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MusicVidFest 2016: The Cinematography Panel

The third annual MusicVidFest returns to the BFI Southbank tomorrow (Wednesday, November 9th), with a day of panels, talks and masterclasses on all things related to music video. And for the second year running, the day includes a session dedicated to Cinematography, including a panel of some of the best exponents of the art of cinematography who are currently working in the medium.

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MusicVidFest 2016: The Creativity Panel

The third annual MusicVidFest, the all-day symposium on the business of music video creativity, takes place this Wednesday, November 9th, at the BFI Southbank, with panels, talks and masterclasses featuring some of the biggest names connected to music videos in the UK.

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MusicVidFest 2016: The Producers' Panel

The third annual MusicVidFest – the all-day conference about the business of music video creativity which takes place at the BFI Southbank on Wednesday November 9th – includes a panel all about producing music videos, featuring some of the most experienced executive producers, producers and freelancers working in the British music video-making community.

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MusicVidFest 2016: Late Breakfast session with Ninian Doff

The third annual MusicVidFest – the all-day conference about all things music video – will kick off next Wednesday morning (November 9th) with Ninian Doff, winner of this year's Best Director at the UK Music Video Awards, talking about his work, and his creative process, with Promonews editor David Knight. 

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