Holly Blakey now at OB Management and LEZ

Holly Blakey now at OB Management and LEZ

Award-winning director and choreographer Holly Blakey is now with OB Management for worldwide music video representation, following her recent move to new London-based production company LEZ.

Blakey has made the transition from leading choreographer to music video director with work for Klyne, Wet, Gwilym Gold, Tourist and Mabel for the Tate Modern, winning a nomination for Best New Director at last year's UK Music Video Awards.

This comes after establishing her reputation as one of the top choreographers working in music videos, for artists such as Jon Hopkins, Clark, Jungle, Young Fathers and Florence + The Machine. She won the Best Choreography in a Video award at the UKMVAs last October for Florence's Delilah. Her latest released work in choreography is Poison Club, a branded promo for Dior directed by Francois Rousselet, featuring music by Gener8ion.

Blakey recently joined LEZ, a new production company established by executive producers Mary Calderwood and Tina Pawlik, and she is now represented for music videos, commercials and content by OB Management, where she will be repped by Sam Davey and Kim Jarrett. 

OB have announced that they are "thrilled to announce the arrival of Holly... we're genuinely excited for the year ahead." 

• Watch Holly Blakey's director's showreel here


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