Procam launch new division Procam Projects

Procam launch new division Procam Projects

Procam, the UK’s largest digital cinematography and broadcast hire firm, recently announced the launch of a new division, Procam Projects, created in response to the market’s growing demand for multicamera, fixed rig, robotics, mini cam projects, car rigs, and portable production units.

With a wealth of knowledge in managing production budgets, technical requirements and sourcing personnel, Procam Projects plans, supports and executes the production of pop promos, live music events, branded content, documentary and feature-length projects. 

The new team is led by Procam Projects managing director Vicky Holden (above, second left) and group technical director Dan Studley (third left) – both formerly at HotCam – along with senior project manager Adriano Martelli (right). They are pictured above with John Brennan (left), group CEO of Procam. 

The wealth of 4K, cinematography and broadcast technology at the disposal of Procam Projects ensures that UK production companies receive the most up-to-date, bespoke and comprehensive project management, covering kit, crew, logistics and technical requirements, from conception through to delivery.

Procam Projects has access to £1.2m for immediate requirements, and has a range of projects already in the works across music, entertainment, and live production. 

“This is a landmark moment in the history of production facilities in the UK,” said John Brennan. “This development further enables the Procam Group to meet the scale and ambition of modern productions.”

• Visit Procam Projects here

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